How to get depth of fields into your photos.

Right, this is just a quick blog like the least one. As shooting with some depth sounds harder then it actually is. There is one thing you have to be aware off and that is your F-number (aperture) as lower it is the easier it is to show a depth of field.

The best trick would be to have something close to the lens and then something behind the subject that would look cool build. Mind you most things do look cool like that. The reason I have said about keeping a close eye on your F number as this will have a small focal spot.

As you can see the photo best explains how best to get the depth of field. That is why it is important to have a low number as this works well. Mind you the shutter can move faster as you can get the best for the picture. I also have to warn you about having sunny days as this will change how the photos will be, looking and feeling. There is also one thing you will have to keep an eye on and that is your shutter speed.

This will be help on many different types of photography from macro, portraits and landscapes. So this is something that goes all around for any type of photography. As you might be looking for this or the full frame in focus.


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