What lens do I like to use? and why?

Well, there are only two lenses I like to use and there are different reasons to use both. As there is one for close up to images which I use all the time and then the other is more for anything else they are both prime lenses. This means that it does not zoom in or out the only way it does this is that you have to move in and out yourself.

I have to say working with them over time is amazing. They are 50mm and 100mm lens. They both have the macro ability, but one is better than the other. I have to say playing around with apertures are fun as you get different looks from different things. I am a bit addicted to this, as there is something about a macro that I just love.

I might get another lens but at the moment I am loving these two. As they make me work more for the photos which make me think.


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