What do I like to shoot these days?

This is something that I have been looking at within myself. As I work thought and see what I like. One of these is something that I have started to get into and that is Macro photography as you look at life close up and in a different light, or the same light just closer.

I am just getting back to sorting out model shots. As this is something that I still like to do. Just I have had a few family things that have been needed to be sort out. I have to say that working like this is something different. As to where I like to shot different things from models to flowers and even toys

There is also something that I have been working on as I do my landscapes but I am not going to talk about it yet. I am going to keep wuite about it a bit longer as I work out how to do the writing for this project more then anything else.

I hope to get more of my style as I work through photos and blogs, as well as start changing my style and looks for the photos.


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