Is changing things about your self be a good thing?

To me, there are some good things that can come off changing how you think acted and look. In the least month, I got a hair cut trimmed my beard and just thought went else would I change of me?

The one thing I have to say I went to improve on more than change is the way I think. Normal I do get impainting and what things have done ASAP but I know the older I get the less likely that would happen unless I do it myself. Which I normally do, so why would I need to change this.

Well, I can not rely on just me I have to have other people help out as well. So instead of just mailing and mailing them, I need to take a step back or two before going into action and sorting things out with other people. I have to say that I do like to work at a good pace that is why when I get work I just sort it out straight out.

Why do I think to change things about you is good? It is down to if you what to become better at who you are and what you do for other people and not just things you do for just you. It might take time to change the way you think to the way you, work with people or the places that you are at.

This is always room to improve. You can not just be like I am good at this. That is how I use to be, but know I am much better at it and I know I can only improve. Take this blog that I write I am working the frist one to this one you would see alot of improvements as the more I write the more I get better at writing.

I hope this will make you change for the better and not for the worst. As I do hope to improve one of my self.


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