What advice do I have that can help you?

I am not sure where to start as I have written this out once before and it did not save at all. I am going to be going thought some things as I start to type this out. I am not sure where to start but I better get going on this.

There are a few things that will change the way you think about photography. As that can change with time and things that happen, thought your life time. The one thing that will not change how ever is how to take photos.

The first, bit of advice is to buy a good camera and not use a phone camera. The biggest thing you have to chose from is what type of camera you need as there are loads out there from point and click, DSLR, large and medium format, bridge and film cameras. Each one of these has a pro and con. I will just type up how they work and what sort of situation you need them for.

  • Point and shot – This is more for holiday photos and is most like a phone camera just you have them on a different device then your phone.
  • Bridge camera – this is the start camera if you went to get into photography. It is something that will not do everything the SLR cameras can do, but this is just a jumping off point.
  • Film cameras – What I mean by this is where you have to load a film format into the camera.
  • SLR cameras – These are good cameras to take photos as there are two types of these cameras one is SLR which is filmed base and DSLR which is Digital based.
  • Medium and large format – I will put this in one section as these are not easyier to work with compared to DSLR and other cameras that are out there.

So my biggest bit of advice is to pick the camera you need for what your level or what you feel like you need it for. All these cameras can do the same thing. The one camera I would say get is a DSLR. As you have a lot of functions in there that will help you to sort out what is going on.

The Second bit of advice are some of the rules, there are the follow. Me personal I do not have this down, as there are rules I do not always follow. I will do this as another blog at some point. Here are a few things to think about.

  • Third rule
  • Shape
  • Look
  • How you feel the frame

The third bit of advice, is to find your voice. What I mean is there is a style you like to shot and can not wait to shoot. This way you can improve on what you do. I am into a few differnet things and i just need to work out what style I like the most. That is one added plus to be a photographer where you look at doing differnet things. There are loads of styles that you could have. but it is most just finding it.

The main thing about photography is the passion you have for what you do. I love photography more than anything, and have a passion for it. As this would give you much better photos then anything else. As there is some love behind it. Which is what I am trying to do with what I do.

This is some of the best advice I could give you.


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