What I like about Warhammer? And where it is going for me?

I am just getting it to playing this amazing game as there many different levels to how to play this game. Right, know I am learning how to play this game still as there are a lot of tactics to the game. I am doing my best which is all that can be asked for. I will be starting to play a new style of which is kill team.

Kill Team is a lot smaller size game than the normal game that you play. As there can be a lot of different models doing different things during the fight. The one thing that I like is to go into fights and have a good laugh at the same time.

I do know have two arms and I like to play both of them as they have very different to play as one is more stand back and shoot the other is a full out attack. Which are both shooting and fighting?

I am looking forward to playing more and more games I hope to improve my way of playing and will hope to get more wins, but this is something that will come with time.


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