What is the differnet types of lighting is there? Part 1

This might be a bit long winded, I will do my best not too as there are a lot of things that can change the photos. As there are some things that can change the look of a photo just not the with out light being there. If you do not know photography actual means drawing with light, which is a greek word.

So, as this subject and not just photography is about light I think it is impoart to think like that. As just simple lighting can make the thing you are shooting good to putting something on that next level, and one thing that can change it all is the type of lighting you use. Then mix that in with how your camera is set up then you can make some thing specia, but we are not here to talk about that.

What are the different types of lighting I here you say (which is the point of the blog).

  • Natual lighting: So the sun
  • Flash guns: The kit that goes on top of the camera.
  • Studio lighting: big and strong lighting that you normal find in studios and any indoor space as they need constant power.
  • Constant lights: This can be anything from flash lighting to anything in doors
  • Time of day: When you are shooting

I will be doing a second blog on how all these work and how best to use them. You can use a mixture of these lighting tricks to make your photo to look different on just end that something.

I know it dose not look like much but having things going on but understanding lighting is a key thing for photography. There will be more in a few weeks. I hope this a good starting point for what could have been a very big blog.


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