What is the different types of lighting is there? Part 2

Well with this weeks blog I will be writing about how using the different types of light can change the look of the photos and how they mix together. There are some things you need to think about before you start to take photos. That is how do you went the photo to look of the sudjuect. Then you can work out want form the lighting you are going for.

The biggest thing to look for when shooting outdoors what time of day is it, how is the weather and do I need to bring a lot of kit. I only say this as if you where shooting at night you will need to bring more lights and during the day you can get away with a few bits but that depends on how you went to shoot the photos.

As for how the lighting that can help you.

Natual light: I am talking about the sun mainly but on clear bright clear moon light at night would work. The biggest thing I can say about the sun on its own is that you have to keep an eye out for the shadows. As the closer to midday the bright the sun if it is a clear day. Person I like to shoot in the shadows and under cloud as I can have more control other lighting then when it is just the sun. This is the same if you are shooting thought a widow or using there natual light.

Time of day: This is a big thing to think about when shooting out doors but the best bits are above. way to set the camera is during the day the shutter is faster then at night which is slower to sort out the low light that you have.

Studio lighting: These are normal quite big and need a stand for them. they also have compacts added to the front which can change how the lights fall from harsh too soft. You can set up any type of light conditions and colours. This type of lighting is very useful.

Flash guns: This is normal the flash that is on top of cameras, but you can work form off the camera as well. These work the same as studio lights but are much smaller and powered by battery’s. On these you can control the amount of light that is being put out. These are alot litter so can be hand helded and but down on stands anywhere really.

Constant lights: These are just lights that give out the same amount of light all the time and there is no flashing. Normal these are what goes on in videos and films. As these will stay the same thought whole shot. You can use them photography as well.

I will be talking in the next one about how these can work together with a few camera settings and changes that would look cool.


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