How to shoot people.

This is something that can be quite easily. What I mean is there are many facts that you have to think about as you look at and sort out photos. One of the biggest things to sort out would be their faces and possess. There are just some looks that just dose not look right.

It is not all ways the models or clients fault when things happen when taking photos of them. As one problem is that they just blink as the photo is take due to the flash light going to the eyes which can make this happen. It is something that they can not control. Also watch out for when you are placing reflectors and where the sun is as this will make things change as well. What I mean is the faces that are pulled just to stop the lights from going into there eyes.

Another thing is to let the models be them sleeves and not try to make them something they are not. I say this as models might not give the right vibe if they are doing something they are feeling uncountable with. Like getting to undress when the shoot dose not call for it.

So the biggest tips I can say is:

  • Keep model happy
  • Work on the same page for the shoot
  • Aim for the goals
  • Do not cross the borders to make the model unhappy.

The biggest thing for shooting with people is to have respect for each other. I have done a lot of shoots and been pulled from pillar to post just to shoot then anything else.

Haveing a care free and chilled shoot is something that will create some amazing photo works.


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