Warhammer and me

Even though I keep losing I am finding playing, building and painting to be a lot of fun. I love working on different models and some I have not used in a fight yet but can not wait for them to do so. I am doing my best to buy any more models as I do buy too many that I need to play with. I am looking forward to getting the right way to fight with both of my armies and I hope to have a 3rd one but I better get good at using the ones that I before getting my 3rd one. I also have to say making and building the terrain is just as fun as the models that I fight with.

Having two armies is a good thing and bad. As the ones that I have to fight very differently from each other. As where one is good all round the other is good at shooting and not so good at fighting actually they are very poor at fighting. Which is making nee do different things more fun but harder to learn. Like I played a game this weekend and it was fun with some laughs in there.

The only other issue I have is not having space to store them. I would like to find space that would give me room to have them all in one area. But at the moment I do not have that. I am on the other hand I love playing the game and seeing where things go.

I hope to get better as time goes on and do more fantasy style art as above to do with Warhammer as it is good fun to do them.


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