Monthly fantasy photos

I have been thinking about some new ideas and projects that I would like to do and one of them is this. It is making fantasy images that will be a mix of different styles. I am hoping this will improve my retouch and the way I work within photoshop. I have to say working like this will improve my skill and the way I work. I will be posting each month on how it went on that photo and how I hope to be pushing my skill all the time.

I know this comes up last week but this photo took a bit of trial and error as the way the snow looks on the lift-off section. I do admit it does look good but with all work when I will look back on it I am sure there are things that I can change. I also went to be very flexible when it comes to photoshop, and one day do my photography with an amazing look to them and some stunning models.

I was going to set a certain number of photos per image. This is going to help out a lot. I hope to change my style of work and just to see where things go on some of them.


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