Will start shooting models again?

This is somthing I would like to get back it to. Just I need to find people that will not mess me about. As most of the people I use to talk to would just be that. There was a small number that was all would just not get back to you or just did not bother going any thought then talking. Which is not what you would like to have done, but when you do shoot is a lot of fun.

I will hopefully set up some shoot in the new year, or at least next year and turn them into some composties with some amazing backdrops to them. This is something that I have always wanted to do and get working on it. I do hope to do some stunning composite photos with models that are all tied in together and some things that are 3d as I would like to learn that as well. In my eyes, there are always things that you can improve on so that is what I like to do. No point in just being happy doing one thing might as well push your self to do better.


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