Reviewing​ my year 2019

I have not much planned this year to go all over the place but it just has. There are things that you can not plan for. One of them was my mum passed away this year, which has hit my family and me hard at the time. Right now I feel better than I did one it first happened.

The following bit is how my year has not gone to plan as I will be trying to sort some things out as I need to get motivated more and more. This is a big struggle at the moment.

  • 365 Project – This has gone well and the only problem is that I have missed a few days on uploading the images. The only thing is though it is coming up with different photos.
  • Landscape – I have stopped all these shot as I am not feeling inspired and happy doing and feeling I am forced to do so.
  • Comps – This has just flown out of my mind.
  • Riding – This has gone downhill and I have stopped doing this and I need to pull out my finger sort my bike out and working on things.
  • Projects – This has stopped as well. I am not being busy on this side but I will be looking at doing more of these myself.
  • Books – I have things that I am working on and will be looking at doing some new things for next year.
  • Keeps shooting – This is something that I need to be more proactive then I actuall am.

These are things I will be working on as I work thought the future and I am looking at getting full-time work as well as working on my fantasy artwork. Which is something I will look into in the next few weeks? As I look of these images and will be working on different ideas for them. I will be going to start giving myself deadlines of these. There will be more information next week for these images and ideas.

I hope next year will be better for me.


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