My Year to come (Happy New Year 2020)

Where to start this year? I have no clue there are a few things that I would like to do for me, but also mostly to get work and do something that will put me in place where I can be more independent. Some of it is that I wold like to get a better mind set.

  • Find a full time job.
  • Loss weight and keep it off
  • Win more at Warhammer
  • Keep 365 photos going
  • Monthly fantasy photos

These might not same like a big deal but they are too me. One thing I need more then anything is some money coming in. As a freelancer I just seem not have anything coming in or at least another to keep me above my minimal living standards, which is something I could above.

I also hope to loss some weight as I have stopped cycling this year for no real good reason so I would like to get back on it. I have won one game out of about 8 I have played on my own, this is something that I hope I will change as I play more.

I have found taking photos every day is fun and would hope I will keep it going thought out next year. This is something new to the list of things I will be doing. I had a blog come out a few weeks ago which went into more depth then I will here but I plan on doing a fantasy image every month with different themes.

These are things I hope to be changing over the next few days and months as this is going to be fun learning more and more photoshop styles and ways of working with in photoshop and using different techniques that are with in photoshop.

I hope these things are going to be better this year.


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