Is techonogly changing the way we see the world and how much we talk to people?

This is all my views as there are things that I have been seeing all over the place. The worst I have to say is self check out. I know I use them just they do take out a chance to talk to some one. It would be amazing to see how little people are talkinig to each other these days. It is not just these check outs and I know these machines save money on hiring more check out staff just that means there are more people looking for work.

There is something that has caught my eye that is everyone looking thought screens and not enjoying the moment they are in. They have to record it for social media. Which is something I still have not got my head around. This is just to show where they are, and upload it not just take photos as that is the thought I have. Like using phones 24/7 for things other then phones.

This is starting to feel more like a rant then talking how people same to puffer to chat and talk on there phones then sit and chat face to face. I have gone with drinks with friends and this has happened to me where the person I am talking to is more interested in texting then talking to someone they are looking at. This is very off putting, I do have to say when I am out I live in the moment and do not need to be on the phone all the time. I do have my camera on me most of the time as I prefer to shot with that then my camera phone. Talking to people randomly is one of my down sides of things.

The one thing that I see a lot now is apps that are taking things away from over people, is having an app to order drinks. I know for some people this is important but for me I just think it is selfish. I have seen people post on facebook some time ago where they said which bar and table number they are and for other people that follow them to send them drinks. I think this can be very tacky and not something that should not be done as you neaver know what you are getting and what some one else has ordered.

There might be a few other things I am missing but then again you do get odd balls on some of these apps and working places. But I think this type of technology is not good for some things. Just I do feel that we are losing things by not being behind a screen or anything like that.


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