Video interviews, is there a need for them?

I did one of these the over day and I thought to myself that this felt out of place as for me it is hard to come across on a camera than in person. I would like to hope I get the job, just I know there are a lot of over people doing this one job. I know from a company side of things it lets you meet a few hundred possible contact then just asking a hand full to be seen.

This is something that I will have to just get use to. As this might be the new way things are going. To me personal I think it is a pain in the bum and there are alot of things that can change. The one I did was with words on the screen and not someone on the other side.

I just felt like I was going to be used as a tool for the job instead of part of a company. I have to also see if I get any thought but I am not at all sure I will.



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