Warhammer and me

This is a hobby that I am loving when I can play it. I have to say I am getting better and better at the game but at the moment I need to play more often. A friend of mine has just joined a league and that sounds amazing fun to me.

I am loving the painting and making of the models as well as making more stuff it is great fun to do. I love working on different models but I have to say my favorite models are the big ones. They which are imperial knights. I might never play with them but painting them is great fun and seeing all the different weaponry as well as the colours and looks you can do just looks amazing fun.

As I have been painting more and more models I have been getting at it. I also have to say winning one game was fun but I was close in the least one I played as I lost by one point. I hope future games will go better and the fights that we will be having is amazing.

I hope to win more games but that is something that I can not wait to see where future games are going to be.


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