Panic buying…

This is something that has been happening in the uk over the least few weeks all due to COVID-19. The reason why I am talking about panic buying is that there is alot of people just getting mroe then they need. Which is something that should not be happening but somthing that is not helping is that the news is making it worst. Which is something that should be that bad.

This all started when one day people would post about being on toilet paper. This also is something people need to pay attation to. I also think that way our social lives and society is these days dose not help with the it is all about me and not anyone else, or they just jump on the bandwagon. Which is not helping people that need it. There are some people that can not really leave there homes, so these people should get the help.

One thing I have notice also is that people are think that COVID-19 is something that can wipe out the world. Then you have some other things that have happened quite a few years ago. Where swine flu was a thing. I think it still is, to me COVID-19 is just another flu that can kill just it is more deadlier then the others. Which means being senseible is a big thing these days. Which is something that needs to change in peoples mind set.

I am trying my best to hold back but so many people think that they should self-isolate (dump saying). instead of just being weary of things and making sure the look after them selfs and the people around them on matter what. There is no rush for people to panic buy at all even know the news says so. Personal I am buying things when I need it. The area I am in only has 17 cases as I write this out of 3000 case in the whole country. Which is a tiny finger, when you learn that normal flu deaths each year comes in around 6000. I will be keep an eye on this and changing things as It goes thought the process.

I am trying to keep this short


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