Photoshop DCC (March 31 to April 10)

This is something that I saw a few days ago. They look like each thing is built around one project for the 9 days they will have the challenge going for. DCC actual means Daily Creative Challenge. I am working on these to post my skills as there is always room to improve what you can do.

Day 1

I did not see the video of what they were looking for in this challenge so I started on it and then watched the video to see what they were meaning which was something different to what I had in mind. What brief they put down was, Create a promotional flyer using layers, shapes, colours and text.

So that is what I did as I was thinking along the line of Voodoo as the name is Voodoo Valley. which made me think of anything voodoo and not of a farm or being outdoors, but after the video that all changed and know I need to be more creative of something different.

I do think the second time around dose look more colourfully and more fun.

Day 2

this was an easier one to me as it is something I do all the time. It was all about the colour I know it looks like I have not done much to the background but in fact, there is more to it than just adding a backdrop.

Change the atmosphere of an image using colour tools in Lightroom and Photoshop. This is the brief for the project we are working on.

Day 3

Even though I did this on a Friday the day after it was posted but within 24hrs of the posting the challenge is there. This was an odd one and took a bit of thinking as I am working on differnet things as I go along on certain things. The flowing water was something that I had not thought about and there are things that could change the way I would work on my photos.

Add a pixel sorting effect to any image using Filters.

I am not even sure you can see in the water affect but there Is a face in there.

Day 4

This is what I think is meant to be a bonus to the game that shows you how to paint and use stamps.

Illustrate a character or creature using brushes. Get started using the linework in the starter file.

I did not use my tablet and anything that I should have as this was something that I wanted to try with a touchpad and not use my table as that is something that I will look at in the future.

Day 5

This is not my greatest work just I know how to use liquefied and this is something that I can do on my own.

Use the shape, line or brush tool to add elements to a portrait. Try creating unique effects with the Liquify tool.

This is not my best work I have every done. Just I know how it looks I just thought it would be funny to do. I am trying to spend not to long on these so I can see how they are going and looking

Day 6

This is something I might use for a shoot all the time. This was all about animation and how things look. I did do some playing about with how things look and feel.

Use the Ps Timeline to animate a plant sprouting or vegetable growing.

The animation is something out there not sure where to put it but it dose look good to me I did ado another one which moves a bit faster and has something about them.

This one is a little trippy and something different but it is quite simple to do. I am thinking I might use with some models.

Day 7

This one was all about adding textures to things This might be cool to use in some fantasy shoot. This was something fun to do and would be usefully for future projects.

Create an object, such as a bucket or farm tool. Then, give it a realistic finish using blending modes and textures.

Day 8

This is something that would look cool if I can work out a way to use it in a future project.

Design an icon using the line tool and shape tool. Try offsetting your lines to add depth!

Day 9

This is a mixture of all of them and a good looking image.

Combine images to create a farmhouse-inspired scene using Masks, Blending Modes and Selection tools.


This is something that I would like to do more of just not sure that is as there are things to do there are some things I have learnt some new things which is always good as learn thing is something that we should do. Even if you belevie you know it all then learn something else.

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