This is something that we all have to do for some time while we get this pandemic over and done with. There are some good that has come out of this. What I mean is how amazing the NHS is and how they need to be surported. This is one thing I think all rich and powerfull people should do no meater what they say as these people desive the money more then they do.

This dose include sports stars that just by stuff for the hell of it. I know they have worked for there places so have so many overs, but these times show how keyworkers and NHS Staff have done an outstanding job. For me personal there is not that has changed.

I am trying to stay in as much as possible and I have been doing this for some time know, but that is due to more not having a lot of money. I am trying to look for work which I have put on pause as I am not going to travel anywhere in London or too far from my home. This is something that I would like to keep going till this is all over.

I have got board but I have also read a lot of things and picked up on something as well. I working know on some projects and on top of that I am aiming to get back on my bike. Which is something I have been thinking about for a little while and hope to loss some weight as well.

The one I have not understood is people that go out all the time and get in each others way. I am trying to keep this down to a minimal. I know why my brothers dose it thought it is to keep his kids out the house when my sister-in-law works night as she is a doctor the NSH. But the amount of other people out and about is something that takes the piss.

I hope to change a few things here and there thought this hard and a pain time.


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