Photoshop DCC (April 14th to April 24th)

This started soon then I thought, but it is all good. This one dose same like it is based around being at home.

Day 1

This was quite a lot simpler and well explained. I have to say there are somethings that I am hoping for in this set of challenges.

Explore blend modes to apply color to a cityscape.

I have to say I did not go with a cityscape but this dose look like it is a brids eye view of a city.

Day 2

This one same like everything I do all the time.

Create depth in a landscape using layers.

This was quite an easy one where I could work on different things to me this dose look like a bit of an album.

Day 3

This was something I use all the time and working out where things are.

Use Adjustment Layers to change hues within a portrait.

I was just messing around with layers and some bits and bobs as there can always be use.

Day 4

I have used one of my own images which I really like. I am working towards getting better as you know. This was something I have never used before. Frames are some thing I can see using in the future as well as logos and other things like that.

Create an abstract design using the Frame Tool.

This was me just having some fun with photoshop and is differently something that I will be using the future as well as making posters and logos. I have been thinking I would look into doing some designing in my future for using photoshop.

Day 5

This is an are that I am use to using.

Add life to a night scene with Camera RAW.

This was showing something that I know how to use, but there was one or two things that I did not know but I am not like to use.

Day 6

Well, this is some thing that I have done tones on. So I will watch what is going on and then work out what I would like to do.

Design surreal architecture using the Pen tool and other selection tools.

I have to say using this on landscapes is fun. but I will work it out at some point how I could use it in the future.

Day 7

This is how to use brushes. It is something I like to work on some amazing things.

Add texture to an illustration using brushes and Clipping Masks.

This is something I has been an eye opening idea and working as this is something I am not sure to use but bush control and using textures with brushes I might in the future.

Day 8

This was a fun one to do. I do like how this looks, and feels.

Design a poster with a torn paper effect using Layer Styles.

I do like this shoot and work on something like this for my own work.

Day 9

3D, images I thought this would go into more details then it has. I will be looking into improve it, but it was not what I thought and it dose something to my eyes.

Customize a poster with a 3D glasses effect using color channels.

This is a style I am not a fan of as it plays with my eyes.

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