Photoshop DCC (April 28th to May 8th)

I am not sure what is going on with this weeks challenge.

Day 1

Selfies, for hells sake. I have not got anything at all.

Learn how to touch up your selfies with content-aware tools and make them pop with gradients.

I am not a fan of things like this.

Day 2

I have to say this one looks cool and brings a good point to it.

Work with layers and selections to blend two photos together non-destructively.

This is some thing that looks amazing and says about the amount of plastic bags and other such things.

Day 3

Dog on painting. This is something about th is style that looks amazing.

Push, play and manipulate pixels using warp and distortion tools.

I did learn something about photo shop that will help with my fantasy photos. I will be looking into the next one soon.

Day 4

Type. You might think there is not much to do but you never know, You can make art out of anything. So this is me playing with type and things.

Design a type-centric image with distorted text.

I know I did not do much to it just I like the quote and how people are going to be made about it.

Day 5

I have to say this is something that I have thought about that look good if done right and know looking how to do it I am sure there is some art work in there some where. Just need to work out what to do with it.

Create a unique portrait by wrapping the subject in text.

I know it dose not look like much just something fun and would look good it it was in the right spot.

Day 6

This is something I have not really thought about, but could use these in some photos.

Add computer glitches and digital distortions to a photograph.

I know this looks like a game that I use to play but I have to say I do like how this looks, I might add it to the next fantasy retouch.

Day 7

This is something I have know about for some time and have played with it. It just simple blurs.

Give images speed, depth and focus with magical blur effects.

Chicago skyline aerial view at dusk

As you can see I have seeped it simple and and not done a lot to it.

Day 8

Well this is something that I did foresee. But it dose make sense to work on different things as we go along.

Make beautiful symmetrical artwork using smart objects and the symmetry tool.

This was me just playing around. I am happy to see how this looks and where it could go to. I know it is simple just there is no need to keep it compacted.

Day 9

This was something that I have been thinking will look amazing with what I have for my next fantasy photo which I am still working out fully in my head and need to start looking for all the bits. Also this would look amazing in future photoshoots once lockdown has finished.

I do also like how it looks whips and I think this would look amazing in some shoots to show movements.

I think some of these ideas and tricks will look amazing in some future model shoots.


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