Photoshop DCC (May 25th to June 5th)

This one sounds fun and interesting.

Day 1

This is just a simple touch ups to a landscape. I have not done much work to this but I have done another to look cool.

Improve any photography using basic photo editing and retouching skills.

This was something simple that I beeped that way. I did not went to blow this out of there and just make it look really.

Day 2

This is something that I did not think could be something that I enjoyed doing. This is not my face at all.

Turn a self portrait into caricature art using selections, masks and Liquify.

This face is the the guy how is doing this challenge. I have to say seeing him like this is quite funny.

Day 3

This was just about smudging. There is a lot that can be done, I might use this in the further.

Create custom smudge text using Brushes.

This was something fun and there are a lot of things it could be used for.

Day 4

I love this sort of thing I am going to be working on them for a day.

Use compositing techniques to combine animal images, creating a fictional hybrid!

I have just gone with something simple and easy. I just thought seeing this would be better then anything else.

Day 5

I have to say I do like this as an idea but in particis I am not a fan at all, but I can see it being used in different places.

I know I could have done better just I know this is something I will not be using in the furture.

Day 6

I would not thought have done some thing like this. Screen Printing is some thing that I would not use in photoshop.

Design a fun retro collage by combining found imagery using Selection tools and Adjustment Layers.

This was a simple and easy thing to do as I cutout a few bits.

Day 7

This is something I would not do again as It Is something That I would not use in anything I can see me doing.

I am not a fan of this style at all. I did make it look like something different.

Day 8

I do like this one and would use it to create some amazing art with it at some point but right know I am in a differnet world, or at least my mind is.

Create a design that focuses on abstract geometry using Vector tools and Clipping Masks.

I might have a place for this on my next project or at least something like this.

Day 9

I did think this was fun and a good one to do. Just I have done it in my own way.

Create and animate a dreamscape by combining landscapes with Brushes, Layers and the Timeline.

I did not animate this as I like the flow of what is going on.

I do like what some of these look like but not all. There are ones I can see myself using in the future of my work.


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