Blender and me

This is a bit of software which I have been thinking about for quite a few years know but I have final done a tutorial on the software and have been thinking what would this look like in a shoot that I would do. I can build any sort of design for Warhammer and backgrounds maybe even foregrounds for photos.

There is a lot I could do with this 3D editor and see what I can build to create and add to an amazing feel to the way things can look. What you are about to see is the lessons I have learnt for the first time. There are some things that I can improve on and see where things would take me.

These videos are at different render amounts and I am sure you can tell but I have to say the first one is not my greatest of works but I am happy it all has come out.

As you can see there are things that I need to improve on and get right. Like the donut texture and the sprinkles.

This dose look good and the feel to it is amazing. This least one is more for me to see how long it would take to do the video on a high and better then this and it was at least 20hours it was only 40 frames and I have to say this dose look amazing with the textures and every liking cleaner.

I do hope to create a studio area which I can turn into a 3d space to add some models in there. I should have a look at level degsin for games to give me an idea on size and spacing to me such an amazing place.

The other thing I would need to look at is lighting as I might have to re do the lights for each shoot. I have an idea for the design of the space just need to sort it all out. and if that looks good I might work out other stuff I could do with it, but that is something that I have to work out in the near furture as I might start working on the are I am thinking off soon.

This is defiantly something I will get involved in more as I can plan out shoots in here and where the lights can go. There is always something to learning new software and how things are going to be.


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