Covid-19 and how I have been coping​ and other stuff.

This is something that I could say that has helped me but the truth be told it has not there is still a lot of things I could do to sort my new view on life out. There has been one thing thought and that is work just not being there. There are some things that make life easier just there has not been much out there. I have to say that there has been a problem with Fiverr other the least few months.

There are some things that make life harder as time goes on, as this is just a test to see how we go and act. Which I think a lot of people have got into there heads they are right and being closer than anything. Like being closer then needs be. personal I thought it was made to go into full lockdown at the start of this thing as where my dad and I have been on semi lockdown where we have been spending more time not going out and lead time being outdoors.

I have been working hard on a few projects and will be sorting out a fantasy photo soon for this month. I am still working it out as I have been working on different projects. I am doing a lot of building in blender at the moment and working out how it all looks. There are some parts that I need to do more work on before you lot can see. I am giving this model a steampunk feel to the whole thing.

So right now I am learning a 3D software so I can build and create some amazing art with it and then create some amazing photos. but there is still a ton of thing I went to sort out before I call it a day on this project.


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