Photoshop DCC (June 22nd to June 26th)

This was a bit of a surprise of doing a 5 day challenge.

Day 1

This is something that working into my steampunk place of work.

Design a logo for a fictional brand using shapes, Puppet Warp, Clipping Masks and Gradient Maps.

I am only using this as one of and hope to create something different and amazing for the warehouse distract I am creating. but I am going to look into doing different designs and feel to them.

Day 2

Product photography, is what I do for a living. So I see no point in doing this challenge.

Edit a series of product shots for use in branding and packaging mockups. Capture your own images or use the ones in the starter file.

I can do this with my eye shuts and I can see how this can help people, in doing this. I have done so much more of this in my sleep or as what feels like sleep that I am not doing it know.

Day 3

This was fun as it might be something that I will be changing and trying out in the future as there is so much.

Design a product insert or information card using shapes and text elements.

This is something I like doing not sure why but I just do. I will be building some new things for the project I am working on letter this week and something like this might look cool in the work I am going to be doing.

Day 4

This is something else I am use to doing, it as you can see it is quite simple and easy going.

Combine elements from multiple images to create an epic product shot.

I have mixed day 2 with this one and that is what I have done.

Day 5

This is something that I normal do not do. But it is something I am willing to try and sort out.

Design a mockup from scratch using Smart Objects then combine assets from previous challenges to create a presentation. If you do not have assets, use the ones in the starter file!

As you can see it is not that great I normal can do better just I am not feeling it right know.


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