My shop and blogs for the future.

Over the next few weeks I will be setting up a shop and sorting out a page where you can order my retouch service off me. This is something that I will look into. I am not the most confident of people but I always like to give things a go and see if it will work out.

I am going to be pushing Fiverr more as well just I need to get the site working for me on top. This is an area where I hope to make money and work thought a lot of things out to get it working.

I have called the area Ye Old Photo Shop. I will be putting a lot up on there for you to buy and work thought. One of the things I will be working thought is where all the images and photos are that I would like to sale.

This is will take some time to sort out as I will have 2 different blogs to write and work on blender all at the same time. There are somethings that make no sense on working it out, but I am looking at the future of things and working out where to go. I am looking for full time work as well.



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