Photoshop DCC (July 6th to July 17th)

It is good to have this back and working on something different. I have to way working on books sounds fun and would like to do this more and more.

Day 1

This is not what he showed but I am not feeling like doing what the tutor showed. This is because I just wented to do something simple and easy.

Edit a portrait, making the subject look younger or older using Content-Aware tools.

This feels better then anything else.

Day 2

Distorting type is something that I am no fan off but it is easier to do then first thought. I have to say that some of these texts remind me of school word projects that I use todo.

Distort text and shapes using Liquify and warping tools.

The most I did was just change a few things. I did how ever change the backdrop that looks cool and fun.

Day 3

This was something I have neither thought about doing. This might be something that I might not use again.

Turn a photograph into a painting using Brushes and layer effects.

This is what I have done as I am not sure I would use it again. But this is not what we got showed as I thought what they where doing was something I would not be able to do just using a track pad but I could do that if I was using a tablet.

Day 4

For this one it was quite simple and fun todo. I keep it easy as I am there was not much to what they where doing.

Design a book cover using vector shapes, text, colors, gradients and layer effects.

This was mainly stuff I have done before and there was not much new for me to do.

Day 5

This is a photo I have worked with before or at least thought about it.

Add distortion and glitch effects to images and text.

I just thought about working on these sort of images more and more. Also I am enjoying this kind of work.

Day 6

This is a nice style just working out how I would like to sort them out is a bit odd.

Design a floral portrait by combining images with Layer and Clipping Masks.

This is something that is simple and easy going for this type of book.

Day 7

This is something I would find fun to do in a big photo shot where I make one of the models invisible.

Use liquify and other layer effects to make a person and text disappear.

I do like how this looks and how simple it has come across.

Day 8

This is one cool affect and how you use it to create something new is amazing.

Create artificial smoke and flames using Brushes and Adjustment Layers.

I may have gone OTT on this but I do like how it all looks.

Day 9

This was the least day of the book designs and I think I have some thing to it.

Use selection tools and adjustment layers to combine imagery, creating a fantastical island.

This is not my best work just I am working on some amazing idea for nurture shots.

I have to say this has sparked something in me and I will be working on some book designs so people can order them off me. For there own books.


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