3D printer and I

Well this was long coming as I have had a few ideas of what I can do with it. The first being printing bases for Warhammer, which I am doing with my new models. I am also design some terrain in blander which I hope to print at some point. I have to say the printer that I chose has worked really well.

The printer that I have chosen is a resin one. The main reason for that is this gives the best detail for the job that needs to get done. I am still learning things about the printer and I have had it for a few weeks. It took me a week to get the printer to atcule print work out.

Now I have an idea of how to sort it all out thought watching YouTube videos I thought it would be good to sort out some more difficult things with it. The only thing I have done so far is a model and a few bases that I have massed up on as they where not the right hight. I have sorted it know, I also worked out the size of the model needs to be when it is in blender to get the 1-1 look when I run it thought a slicer bit of software.

I have to say having blender is amazing as I will be begin more things. I will also be working on a project that I started on doing and have not spoke about as I have been working on other things as I hit a point that I could not get thought but I think I will be able to sort something out with them know.

If you are wondering I have the ANYCUBIC 3D Printer, Photon S. It is a really nice printer simple to use and looks cool as well. I hope to do alot more printing as time gose on.


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