Where am I going from here?

As you all might know I am not sure where things are going right now but I am looking at doing a few new projects and find someplace to work or at least make some money. I am working out how to make some to live on. Also, I am working out where my photography is going as I have not been doing any this year other than my daily stuff.

One thing I am looking at is a project that is mixed with Warhammer 40k and my photography. The only thing is though I need to promote my style and work, on where things where will be going. That is the hard part for me and I will be working all this out this week.

Also, I know I have not done a half year view just what is there to review as we have mostly been in looked down. but I am not going to let that stop me as I am going to find a space and place to be able to do what I am thinking. As for me getting somewhere and finding full-time work is something else that I am trying to do is quite hard.

I have been however been learning about new software. This is an area I would love to take my photography and is something that I am working on and need to start looking at again as I have a model half done and working out how to get it so I can have something that looks right and normal. Which is the hard part but I know I can do it. Then maybe I can start using blender within images.

I have however started to print with a 3d printer and will be working on some new models I might even start using it to print ready for my new project as this is something I am looking forward to. I will be looking at how to make 3d models of people. As this would be good for making things I would like to print. I will be learning more and more about the project.

Cheers for reading I hope to have a road map to where I would like to be in the next few weeks. I will do a blog about it hopefully as I will be working on some things today.


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