Photoshop DCC (August 3rd to August 14th)

This challenge looks like it will be about a leaflet and contant. This looks fun and interesting.

Day 1

This was just an over view of what everything is about. I am happy with the look. I mean on how the text works and feels.

Create, edit and manipulate text using Area Type, Point Type and custom fonts!

It is simple but for dong text work you might as well keep it like that.

Day 2

This is something that I am use to using.

Create and use custom gradients to design a colorful background with shadows and texture.

This was something that I thought would be fun and easy going.

Day 3

This is something that I have done before and will do again.

Edit a photograph using two different methods, grayscale and color. Then, combine your images using a Layer Mask.

I just peeped it simple and easy going.

Day 4

This set of challenges feels like I am sucking eyes. But some of this might help me out.

Create a design with layered texture using Blending Modes.

I just did some thing different and simple.

Day 5

This is something that I have not done before. it is something that I quite like as when I start shooting models again I would be using this.

This was just a bit of fun.

Day 6

This is something that was massing around with blurs. I did use to play with them all the time.

Apply dynamic movement to a photograph using Smart Filters.

I know this looks good andI which I took the photo.

Day 7

Well, this was an easy thing to do.

Prepare a mockup for production by removing imperfections such as dust or unwanted objects.

This was a simple clean up job.

Day 8

This one was easy and it looks alright.

Create a custom poetry book mockup using Transform Tools and Smart Objects.

It dose look alright. I have seeped it simple and easy going.

Day 9

This is something that I will not be doing as it is not something I would need to repeat all the time.

Animate a product mockup using the Timeline.

I do hope what we are doing will get a bit harder as harder things can be fun to do.


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