Looking for work and these times

This is something that I have had to say is no fun when you have been out of work for a long time. Personal I would like to work more on fun and interesting things. I am applying for work are I am sure so are a few hundred more people, as right know there is not a lot out there.

One thing that has changed is the way things go and are like. I have to say that working on projects is fun, and having a big one that I am working on in privet is kind of fun, but also stressful as I work thought bit by bit. I am learning a lot and hope to more this from what I am doing to working on projects that are far bigger.

But mainly looking for work has been hard as I have been out of this field for a long time and might need to go to where I use to work and work there. This is something I hope I do not have to do, as the stress of working the way I was stressful and the traveling did not help.

Working freelance is fun but I do need more work, thought as it has coming in slowly. Covid has not helped at all, as this has slpwed our industury down and making freelance work harder to find.


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