Photoshop DCC (August 3rd to August 14th)

this is something that sounds amazing and fun to do. I have no clue on what is going to be happening so I am looking forward to this.

Day 1

This is something that I did not know I could do as I have not look into it. I have to say this is something I can see myself using all the time.

Create a superhero or supervillain themed moodboard using the Artboard tool.

This is how I am thinking my hero look will be.

Day 2

This is a fun and easy logo to do and to see it is just really cool.

Design an emblem for a superhero or supervillain using Shapes and Layer Styles.

As you can see it is simple and not much to it.

Day 3

This was something that I was not think it would be.

Design and mockup an article of iconic clothing for a superhero or supervillain. Use your own hero emblem or the one in the starter file.

I thought this would be more of a suit of aroma then a mask.

Day 4

This is something that I thought they would do.

Turn a person into a superhero or supervillain using compositing techniques. Try changing the background of the photo for a dramatic effect!

This is defiantly something that I like to do. I did not spend much time working on it and working on how to creat how something feels when destining it.

Day 5

This is something that I have thought about as making my own brushes.

Design a classic comic book onomatopoeia decal like WHAM or POW! Then, try turning your decal into a custom brush or pattern!

This might go a long way to work on other things.

Day 6

This is something that is fun and might do with models.

Design the calling card for a superhero or supervillain using Adobe Capture. When you’re finished, try placing your calling card onto a brick wall using Photoshop.

I love the look and colour of this and would love to use this more then I do know.

Day 7

This is kind of cool

Add super power effects to any photo using custom textures and distortion filters!

I did not add a texture to this as I thought it was something that would take away form the lighting.

Day 8

This is something I might use on my project that I am working on and working out how to be the way I like them to be. If you get what I mean.

Design a newspaper advertisement for a superhero or supervillain using Adobe Fonts and the Character Styles panel.

I did this on metal and I love how it looks and work.

Day 9

Poster’s are fun to make but I have keeped this one then way person showing how to it did it.

Design a superhero or supervillain poster. If you’ve been following along, try incorporating skills and assets from the previous challenges!

I hope you like that look I have gone for and how they feel.


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