Blender and I

You see I have been thing that I need to learn more about blender before I finish what I am working on. The only thing is though it might take me some time to get the hang of it. I will be looking at and working on this project for a while now and hope I will have something to show soon.

What the idea is to make some things like textures and environments. So for this idea will be to do daily things in blender and over a course of a week, I can make and build some art. This will be a full week and not just 5 days. So for 6 days out of the seven, I will have bits that will lead unto making a final build day which will be on the 7th day of the week. I will be having times where there will be only done other a week only and others where it will be other two weeks instead, but there will be a build day each of those weeks.

There will be some amazing artworks that will come thought and out of what I am doing as I plan on doing things I have not done before. I will also hope to make some cool looking posters and wallpapers out of it. I have written a plan for the rest of the year already and hope to work thought what I will be doing next year. The first thing I hope to do is create something amazing and cool looking.

The future for me is going to be in blender and photoshop mix I hope as I build amazing things in there for the future. I have some ideas of things I would like to do just I need to sort some other things out with it and building them up to look the way I would like them.

I hope to keep you updated and write blogs on my findings as well as posting to Instagram as time goes on. The only thing is though I will not be starting this till October.

Cheers for reading


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