Photoshop DCC (August 31st to September 11th)

I have no clue on what is happening for next few days with the challenges.

Day 1

This is something that I have done loads on.

Add drama to a mundane landscape using Effects and HDR Toning.

Working like this is something that I use to do all the time when I did landscapes so it is nothing new.

Day 2

Using vector shapes and lines with photos is nothing new.

Mix crisp vector lines with detailed raster images to create a unique photo composite.

This is something I thought look cool.

Day 3

This is something that I can see using just not in the same way that other people do.

Turn a photograph into a painting using brushes and Painting effects.

I love these dogs and not using a bird is just my way.

Day 4

This is something that I use all the time and I know a lot about Camera raw images.

Make an image brighter, bolder and more professional using Camera Raw filters.

I did do an image as that is how I see things.

Day 5

I am not going to do these images as I have been using these tools for years.

Remove objects and backgrounds from an image using Content-Aware tools.

I have not done any work for this as most of everything I do involves this. So I thought there is no point in doing it.

Day 6

This was all about changing textures and feel to images.

Change the look of a photo or text dramatically with filters.

It was fun doing this and working out how to at least. Again I have seeped it simple and fun to do.

Day 7

This is something that I have not worked on at all, but might use this as a way to work on future things and ideas.

Incorporate text into a photograph using distortion effects.

I have not done much here but I am planning on different things other the next few weeks.

Day 8

Messing with blurred filters.

Add depth and focus to a photograph using Blur Filters and Sharpness.

This is something that I have not done much before and is something that I need to start pushing myself. for future working.

Day 9

I have done these type of thing before.

Make a family crest using text and the Symmetry tool.

This is something that I might not use again and work on other projects.

Hope to do more of these just wish they mix it up more


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