What I have been working on

I have been working on this over the least few months and it is something that has been on my mind. I will be working on a few things and changing things as it goes like putting a roof on the alley itself as that is what I will be doing next time around. I started this off as an idea to make and create a studio space for me to mix in Blender and real models.

I have to say working in a fantasy style is something I love wand working on this has been fun. The blog from last week is for me to learn more and more about this software and how to use it. Which will be working towards getting this place to look amazing. Also, I will be trying to mix in a few photos within this style.

I have tried and make this once before just it was not rendering right and there was loads of parts that I wanted to change and work on. So I started it all over again which I did make too big and at some point had to shrink it down but that was not till a later week when it was taking a while to reneder. To start with I had an idea of what I wented from the final idea.

The video below is what I did for the first week of this new build. It has all the feel of the old design, as I was using that as a base and not going from the start again. I do have to say that design looks amazing.

I did add more stuff as I was building more of the scene and working thought, like crane, doors and lighting. The one thing I did add was scaffolding rails in the crane but I did take them off as they took some time to render and this is something I have to think about when making this amazing place.

I have changed some bits and bobs for this one as I was looking to get it rendering better and have a nicer feel to the scene.

As time went on this week I changed a few bits as well as starting to texture the objects. Which I have to say looks amazing and feels good.

As you can see where I am upto is starting to sort out all the textures just I am not good at using UV maps and working on over parts of the model. I know I have used alot of matels just there is al look I am going to try and get just It will not be easy to get that look as I work thought. I am working towards certain look for it all just working out how to get there which is something that I am working on.

I do hope to have this done soon just I have other plans for blender and what I will be working on for the next few weeks to get better. I do hope you like the look of it and where I am going is going to take me some time to get there.


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