It looks like this will be all about portraits but I will have to see.

Day 1

This is something that I have not used or done before.

Create a Pop Art inspired portrait using filters.

I know this looks like a game poster that I am looking forward to playing but I do like that look.

Day 2

Gif, that is all this about.

Use 3D and animation features to create a portrait with an animated parallax effect.

This is a simple one and nothing too big.

Day 3

This was something that I am personal not a fan off I might start doing t-shirt designs and try and sell them as I can use this for that.

Create a large photo mosaic composed of numerous small photos using Blending Modes and filters.

This is a simple effect and something I would like to improve on.

Day 4

This is something that I can do, but I can make it look different in different style.

Apply a design or illustration to a portrait using Displacement Maps.

This is something I have not looked at in some time.

Day 5

This is something that was messing with my eyes.

Transform a portrait, using custom patterns to apply an engraved effect.


I have to say the one that I have used and the way I have used it dose work.

Day 6

This is something I did not know about and can see myself using it in my future shoots and fantasy photos.

Decorate an image with a seamless pattern using the Random Pattern Fill tool.


I just did something that looked funny and fun, but I have learnt something while doing it.

Day 7

Changing someones hairdo. Trying to work out when I would do something like this.

Give yourself or somebody else a new hair style using Layer Masks and custom brushes.

I did use a different style of hair as it was from a beauty style shoot.

Day 8

This is going to be a fun one to do.

Create a surreal portrait using Blending Modes, Masks and Layer Styles.

I have to say this is not my best work just could have been better. could have taken my time more and sorting things out with out.

Day 9

Retro and the final look.

Create a retro portrait using Patterns, Overlays and Blending Modes to apply a vintage motif.

I do like the way this looks and might use it in my own work on future photos.

I know I was using the same image over and over. just the guy how was doing the videos was doing the same one each time. I do have to say that doing these are getting a bit repeting. Which is understandable for new people but for some one like me it is a bit boring.

Cheers Joe

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