This set of images for the DCC looks amazing fun to do and work on.

Day 1

I am thinking that doing this one in a different way would have look amazing but I was working in the same way the turtior was showing.

Add a transparency effect to a person or object, making it look ghost-like and ethereal.

I have to say this looks amazing and I just love the feel to it.

Day 2

This was something that looks cool for a few things I know I could have spent longer working on it just I wanted to get the feel done sooner.

Use Selection tools, Blending modes and shapes to cut out a transparent object and fill it with a magical concoction.

I might use this in my spooky Halloween image in a few days. I have not worked anything out yet for which I might do today.

Day 3

I thought I would do something else and change how it looked.

Design a crystal ball that contains a mysterious scene using Transform and Warp.

I have to say having that city image in there adds a bit of cystalball myth in there.

Day 4

Words within smoke. Is something that I have not really thought about.

Give type a glowing smoke effect using Blending Modes, Filters and the Text tool.

I have seeped it simple and different looking. I might also use this trick in the fantasy photo but that is something I will work on in a few days.

Day 5

I chose to go for a cabin in the woods feel.

Create a shadowy window silhouette using shapes, images and textures.

I do love the look of this image and how the colours are just different to each other. there is also something about seeing the different person in the window that just says “Come in and die”. which is what I was looking for.

Day 6

I am more of a fan of using something other then photoshop for videos and stuff but for this there was a lot of dong things in a long winded way.

Add a flickering light effect to a haunted house using the Timeline.

Having the light going on and off is something that makes this more spooky.

Day 7

This is something that I have not put my heart in which is something I will have to try and do more of.

Design a halloween tombstone using Bevel, Emboss and other Layer Styles.

I just tried and keep it simple and easy to work with.

Day 8

I love this sort of thing. I have to say that having this layout as the sky is fun and amazing.

Make the night sky more dramatic and eerie with color adjustments and layers.

Love how the colour and parts that make this feel like there is something spooky happening right know.

Day 9

This was basically the same as the day before so I see in point in adding the image again.

Combine images to create a haunted hillside manor. Try using your assets from previous challenges or the ones in the starter file.

The one that I have used looks more like a hillside manor then the one we where meant to have used.

This was a fun one todo. I do like how thing looks and fun to do as well.

Cheers Joe

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