Blender weekly (Martials)

Blender weekly is the name for these blogs to get better at blender. Each day this week I will be looking at different textures for this week and further projects, that I will be doing as I learn more and more about blender and what it can and cannot do. I will be sorting out by the day. Thought the week I will write up how it feels and the way it has gone for learning and work on these amazing porject. The frist 6 days so Monday thought to Saturday will be building up to the final work which is on a Saturday.


Wood, is something that a lot of people use and see every day. So I thought of this as the first martials as it is one I have my head around already and like to start easy and slowly get hard as time gose on. So this wood texture is something that I hope to improve on and get at doing.

As you can see there is some wood texture to this and it dose feel like I am looking at wood.


This is something that I am still getting use to as I am gong thought out the week. I have to get things to look right for what it is meant to be.

I could have done a load of these but I thought two would be another for this project. One thing I will try and sort out is split toning, but that is something I will be looking at in the future or maybe during this week.


Leather is something that I am not use to using but I thought I would make something look cool. It was fun to make and create some cool looking images.

I have to say this dose look amazing and some playing about would make it look great but we have to see.


Plastic is something that most builds my need. I have a few things that I will be working on over the next few weeks where using this martial would be a good thing. As I learn more and more I hope to create something amazing for every one.

I have got two different types here and will have a few different things that I hope to make work for things.


Glass is something that can look amazing in future images that I will be making. This is just not for here but in the furture images as well.

I have to say seeing that yellow glass has given me a few ideas. This would be a fun thing to do and create some amazing martial for future images.


This is something that I thought might be hard then it is. What I have done with looks amazing and the feel to the final shot just has something.

I will be looking at doing more with hair as time goes on. One thing I hope to work with more is this. As there is loads of things you can do with blender and working in these areas.


Setting this layout did not take that long but getting the hair to work the way I wanted it to was the hard part.

There are things in this image I went to already to change but I will hold off on it as I create more and more things in blender. I do have a spread sheet of things I will be doing with this project as time goes on. I will be looking at redoing this at some stage as I make more scenes and projects which will be a long time coming.

I hope to do some amazing things other the next few weeks that I will be improving what I know about blender and how it all works. I also hope you like this blog as there will be more to come soon.


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