Blender Weekly (3D Logo)


All I was planning on doing was sorting out a wall and a floor maybe, I do like what I have come up with for the backdrop so far.

Tell you the truth the brick work could look more worn but I think I can by base that as tiles. The motel there is for the logo I will be making in a few days.


I thought I would start out by making a holographic sign with the name of my photography and retouch company on it. I think I might change a few things just I have not chosen on yet.

I have also added some supports for the stand to help show off the hologram better.


This is where I designed the logo for the next while and I have to say that I like the way it looks. I have done my best to keep it simple and good to look at it.

This took a bit longer to design then I planned put I do like how it all falls in together. I have not got out there with a logo as I like to keep things simple. I now it was not a simple thing to get the how image the way I wanted it but I think it has worked.


I added pipes as I think it gives it a more spacial look to it and they are there to give some thought. They do frame the main content well. I know I have not show much of it just I think it is something that will be looking once you see it all together.

I thought that working with smoke or steam I should say really, was not as easy as I first thought it would be. I had to redo it the next day as I was not happy with it, but know it is all sorted it dose look a lot better and cleaner. I will be working with steam and smoke again, as this adds something to the images.


Lighting is something that I will be doing it colse to the end as all the parts will be there and I will be able to take my time to sort out and change.

Having some back lights to the logo and behind the motel is some thing that looks amazing and is easy and fun todo. I do believe that this adds some thing to the image.


I did this as I thought that working with cloth was going to be a harder then smoke. I was wrong. It did not take me much time to get this how I wanted it to look.

The one thing I have done is added some banners but I did not think about that till I had gone to bed.


I have to say I do like how this has come out. I am into steampunk and things like that as that is always something fun.

I have said to me that is more like robot wars but it is more industry than anything else. I like how all the colours look and how I have done quite a bit on here.

I do hope you like it


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