Blender Weekly (Spooky House)

Well, since it is hollween soon I thought I might as well do some where spooky. This is also the first time that I am using this style of art work and hope to use it a bit more as well.


All I did today was the layout and how the house and ground will look.

I also did but a light or two in there so I can see what is going on. This was the rough layout of the house that I was going to be working on. As I work thought each stage of this project.


The thoughts behind the fence is to give it some cool details that I did not add in the layout. Why I did not add them was because I thought I can sort something new and different. I did add the doors and brick work to the model which gives it something.

I did this to make it feel like it is a house built out of bricks.


I have never made a tree so I thought this was something that I could add and sort out the harder and things. I also lernt how to work out how I can use just a line and turn them into something. As that is how blender has made the tree.

I also added the foot path and more wood for the house. The one other thing that took some time was the leaves and grass details as I work out how I can use the hair for this part as I did not went to but all the grass in there on my own.


This is the first time that I have ever made a car in blender I think I have not done a bad job but I know I can do better. I will be taking my time and doing more cars as I think I can make something amazing.

But those are for the future and not right know.


This one I thought I get done in minutes and not take as long as it did. As I did but smoke in there I was looking for the right look. Which I think I got, more or less.

Could have maybe done more smoke feeling like water over the edge.


This was a bit different as I had not done any textures yet and thought I would show you once I have done all the lighting. Which was not that easy to get looking right.

I did add the grave stones as I thought it is something that should add something to the photo. As you can see a mist has rolled in and has made the light fly.


This was when I have chosen to do the final render as it would take ages to do that.

I have to say this was an amazing and fun build and I will be doing this again but I am working thought a list of ideas I have had and will be working on them first. I love how it has come out and how all the parts look together.

I hope you like this as this was fun and can not wait to do something like this again.


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