Changing things up

There are things that I think I should be doing more as I start to make some amazing art works and working on I have thought I might as well change dates that things go out. Like these types of blogs. I have done this as I get my blender weekly work ready on Sunday so I might as well but these out on these days, and then thought that there is not much time between when I have that going out and having much time to look at it so I thought I would move the Monday blog back to a different day.

I have list below of when these will be out and ready to see.

Blog TypeDay and time coming outWhat is going to be in the blog
Main BlogWednesday 10amThis is going to be all the normal things I do on Monday but on Wednesday
PSDCCSaturday 10amThis will be the week after the challages have finished
Bleeder weeklyMonday 10amThis is going to be of all the work I have been doing in Blender as I work on the images and working thought these small projects.

I think this going to work better and have when they come out at easier times for people to see. I always see change as a good thing as you do not learn or see how things go if you do the same thing all the time as you can slowly stop learning.


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