Blender Weekly (Science Lab – Week 1)

This is going to be a two week long project and I will be finishing it next week.


I started off by having all the outside of the room done first so there was walls floors, walls and ceiling.

I also did all the textures as well as adding doors and lighting. This was mainly so I can see how it all looks and falls on the ground and textures that I have used.


I just made some simple tables and stalls so I can start feeling out the room.

I tried and make it look like stainless steel for the tables and plastic for the stalls.


I think having cupboards and things is a good thing in a place like this.

I think I might be changing some things to these cuboards as time goes on. I might put some posters and things up on the cupboards and some signs for cursive items as well.


This was all about the smaller hand tools you might need on a lab bench.

I have seeped it simple and easy for the tools. I am sure there are more tools that they would need but I have not really done them.


I was thinking that they could have a few PC’s in the room to sort some things out. I have been thinking of putting something up on the screens at the back and try and keep the lighting there as well.

I have tried to keep it to a small amount of things in the lab.


This is something that gives life to the image as it will fully all the parts I have done so far into one things.

I did also put in the Light stitches on the wall.


This was another render day.

It dose look cool and have some things I hope to change before it is fully done. I also have a few ideas of things to be in there that I have not had before.


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