Blender Weekly (Science lab week 2)

This is the least of the work I have done on the science lab. I have to say this has come out really well and I need to start working on more things like this all the time.


I started the week out with glassware as it is something that is in most labs like this.

I did also add a few other things to make it feel more like a lab.


Well, I spilt this across two days as I was working out how to set up each part of the equipment.

I was not going with a set plan in mind for the equipment as it could change quit quickly.


This is something that took me longer then planned to make but it was off the top of my head so I need to look at more things to get a better idea for it all.

This was a fun one to make and I have learnt some things while doing it.


I was going for a hazard side of things and chemicals that could be in a lab.

I added some speakers here as well as it did not take much time to create some thing like this.


I did work a sink and the pipe work that is there.

I am bit annoyed that you can not see them.


This was main for putting in some signs and trying to sort out the textures for the project.

I have to say that they have come out really well and look amazing. I did mange to improve the glass texture for the glass.


This took some time to render and come out. I did start it once but notice I did not change one of the bits to the new glass look it was all white.

I have to say that there is one thing I should have sorted out which is the texture on the cupboards on there.

I hope you like it as I do.


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