Blender Weekly (FUTURISTIC PolyScene)

This was something that has come to me as I was building. I knew how I would like some some things at the end when you see the final render that has been a bit of a pain but I will going into that in a bit.


I started out with just sorting out the size of the buildings and where things might be.

I did put a box at the bottom the bottom as that is where the tops of the colds will be. I think the generally layout is good and found out you can make some cool things with bevels and wireframes. which has made the square glass house look amazing.


I was looking at adding more street bits and glass tunnels. I thought this added something that is including a lot of pipes and wires that I have added as well.

I thought that having some trees in this hight just gives it something.


This was quite good fun actually and I think I need to get better at making cars, but this is the second one that I have ever made.

The way that I have done it was just do the rough shape of the model in boxes and then just try and smoth it out as I work out how it will look. I know I am going to get better at it. I am thinking I will do rough sketches of them in the future and then more them out like that.


I have done a simple drone as that was easier to make then the harder looking one.

I have also added all the insides to the car as well.


I just need some signs in there which was planned to give it a future feel.

I did add the trees as that was just an empty space and I thought adding them would feel it.


This was all about lighting and how it will make the final model will look.

I know it is hard to see how the model will look other all but this dose look amazing and the feel has only just got better. I did actually do the textures and martial today just I thought I can let it render for longer.


I have tried to render it a few times and then I notice I missed a texture so I had to re run the render after it going for 16hours.

This is not the highest of Quilty that I could do which is what I am doing know. I am hoping that I will be getting a much better render. The more I do poly scenes the more I love doing them. I have to say working in blender is fun. I do have a load of I ideas I would love to do but it will be some time till it is done.

I know I went to do more of these just I am not sure what sort of things I should do yet.


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