Blender and what I love about it

Poly scene

As I am learning blender I saw a YouTube video of some one that was building little scenes like this. I have to say that the more I work with this style the more that I love it. I am hoping to work on more things like this as time goes on just I am not sure where to start at the moment. The one thing I hope is to create something that is working for me. I am going to start working on these types of scenes.

I am not sure about where I will be taking this and working on something special. All the time as I work thought different styles and times. I am hoping to make a lot of different scenes and styles which is something that I hope to do more of.

My photography

This is something that I have not had time to do yet as I have been locked down. What I am hoping is that I can create some amazing lands and scenes that I can add some really cool photos of mine into them. I have a few ideas if what I can a do for the future. Some of these will be simple things like some objects but others will be lands and highly detail. This is something that I hope to be working on in the future.

Odd ideas

I am hoping to get good another to make some money out of working in blender, but that are things that I still need to work on and work out as time goes on. There is something that I am working on that I hope I can make some money out of and how to create some things the is spacial, this one is going to be taking some time other it.

The reason

I am loving it as I see this a type of being creative and working on some amazing things that I hope will work out. I am being very creative and hoping I can make some things work. I love competed images and this is just another from of it.

There is more things that I am working on just it will take some time to do and sort out.


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