Blender Weekly (CGI Backgrounds)

This is an odd one as I am not as happy with them as I could have been. I was planning on working on 6 different backdrops but I could only get 3 of them done.


This was meant to be nothing but wall with holes of lights coming thought.

The thing was that I could not get the rays of light to work the way I wanted them two which looks a lot of how I wanted the photos to be.


I was mainly again working on the lighting and started on a few other things as well.

But I did sculpt the black bags for the look fo bags being dumped there.


I did add in some final details like pipe holders, spray cans and a box.

I do like them how they look just need to work on somethings.


This was the only one I did in a day. It was all about coloured lighting and a night club feel to it.

I do like how this looks and the way it all feels. Not sure yet how I am going to get a person infront of these lights.


This was the first day of my tunnel making.

I am quite happy how this looks as there are things I could have changed but I have not. As you can see I have done quite a bit.


This day was nothing but dressing the image with bits and bobs.

I do love how some parts are working well but I may have over done it some other parts.


Well these are the images I have ended the week with. I have to say there is defiantly things I can improve on.

I have to say I do like how they look on here but I will be thinking about redoing them again at some point.


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