Blender Weekly (PollyScene(Train Station))

This and the next few weeks was meant to be about chrismas scene, but I was missing making a polly scene so that is what I am doing. Over the next four weeks will be me making a new scene every week.


This is a layout I thought would work well with a hit and feel of a real station.

Some of these parts will be replaced I think but right know this how things will look for the next few days.


I have been working on the train and the inside of it as well. I do like how they have come along. I know there is more to come and maybe some redesigning is needed for the future.

The redoing will happen tomorrow when I am working on the wheels and lower parts.


When I was building this I thought to myself that I would try and keep it simple. which is what I did in a way.

As you can see there is a lot there but once the train top is on top of it most of it goes.


I was working out all the wires and cables for the images as there is sometimes a lot in stations.

I also chose to add some lighting into this part and I added some other parts to it so that there is some textures and holders.


This two was a day for the little bits and a few bigger bits that may change other time.

I do like how this looks and how everything falls onto the models. I did change also a few other bits and changed them as well, but that is after I have done this.


This is the part where I fall in love with the image as you build how the scene will look with the right lighting.

As you can see there is no big difference with all the looks and how things will be once the textures will be looking soon.


I do all the the textures and martial the day before, as I normal run the length of the render for a long time.

This is defiantly a style I love and something that I hope that I can be pushing more and more. I am doing more in the next 3 weeks.


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