blender Weekly (Xmas)

This is one that I thought I would do now as I can have this real in time for Christmas.


This is just a simple layout that I thought would work well.

I did a simple layout for this one as I knew there was more I cold do during the week.


I was only really on planning on working on the tree today just that dose not take much time.

I did some exterior work as that added more time to making this amazing landscape.


This all started out as a snowman and turned into more snow to make the place feel good.

I did add more snow to the image as it always feels good to do so.


It took longer to get all the lights done then it should have.

I did a few snowman ready to have some lights but in them.


I just me a simple slay.

This did take some time to make and build. I do love how it looks know it is in the scene.


I mainly was doing all the lighting I did mess up with some bits I was working on but I have manage to get it all sorted and done.

Have to say having glowing lighting coming out of the snowman just sets it all off.


This just looks cool and was fun getting this far.

I just think the texturing just pulls the whole thing together.


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