Blener Weekly (Pollyscene(News years eve))

I had an idea for this weeks pollyscene and it did kind of go the way I wanted it to go, just not as well as I hoped it would have.


This layout looks simply and easy to work with just there is more to it then first thought.

Personal I like how the water looks like this.


This was just what is under and onto of the water.

I have to say that I love the fishes that are there and how things look.


I have to say when I made this I was happy as hell.

I know it dose not look like much but it is something I that I like making and know this is only going to be getting better.


I was working out how I would like to sort out the tubes and where the fireworks would be to show it off in the air.

As you can see I have keeped it simple and easy bit I think there are some things I am missing. Just I am not sure what I am missing thought.


I was mainly adding street bits and bobs. Just not loads so I thought I would add some more fireworks explosions in there as well.

I did also add some stuff to the building behind as well.


This was all about the lighting and sorting out how the fireworks will look.

I know there is stuff that I can work on for future as the system to make fireworks is new to me and I need some time working on it to get it working for me.


This is where my visions works.

To me this has not worked at all. I am not sure where I need to start with it but there are things I should improve on an work on as well.

I might look back in a few years and go this is what I could have done.

Cheers Joe

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